Boy Scout Troop 603: Hiking Equipment List

Hiking Equipment List

For a Day hike:

Daypack backpack
Water bottle
Trail Food
Paper towels

Sun protection
Map and compass
Light weight durable shoes
Clothing gear for the weather
Notebook and pencil
First aid kit
Walking stick

For an Overnight Hike: (day hike gear plus...)

Sleeping bag
Mess kit
Larger backpack
Bags for garbage

Ground cloth
Sleeping pad
Small stove
Rain cover for backpack
Toothbrush and paste
Matches / fire starter

Shoes should be durable and light weight. You will get them wet and muddy. Then they will dry. The heavier the backpack, the more support needed in a shoe. When backpacking in snow and cold the appropriate boots should be worn. Packing extra socks might be a nice idea.

Old ski poles make grat walking sticks. Walking sticks are very useful on uneven terrain, crossing creeks and can be used as tent poles for a tarp(less gear to put in your backpack). The lighter the backpack, the more enjoyable the hike!

We are a "Leave No Trace" hiking troop!
A complete guide to hiking gear is in your Boy Scout Handbook starting on page 202.

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